Monday, March 2, 2009

Brendan at 10 months

Brendan has been doing wonderfully lately. I realized I hadn't done a post about him in awhile.

Here are his most recent developments:
--> He discovered his feet this month and loves to put them in his mouth
--> He pulls himself up to sitting from laying down
--> No crawling yet but does an "olympic" roll to get to anything he wishes
--> He rocks back and forth on all fours constantly
--> Loves to play in his playpen - a godsent for me considering I do not have to worry about his safety in my incredibly non-baby-proof house when I have to do something
-->He still has no teeth. Not even one! But gums little pieces of food and loves to sit and eat dinner with us. I think we'll all be happy when some finally cut through.
--> New loves... blueberries!, mango, cucumber, papaya, organic cheddar cheese, cheerios
--> Sleeping longer at night. He slept all the way through until 6am last night. Might have been because we are all sick with colds.

He went to the baby sitter's twice last week and apparently is well liked by all the other little kids and is a wonderful baby to look after. Napped perfectly for her. When we went to pick him up the first day he wasn't even happy to see me and continued playing with his toys when I called to him and then when I picked him up he reached his little arms out to Ryan! I guess I'll have to get used to it :)

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