Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Positively Green!

Brendan pulled himself to standing this morning! I cannot believe I was just posting about him actually starting to crawl. Many people have said that it is not long from crawling to walking. I guess they were right! One step closer.

The weather has been so nice lately, everything is starting to turn green. We have tried to get outside as much as we possibly can in the good weather before mother nature decides that she has been too nice to us and blasts us with a snow storm or sub-zero temperatures. We have been to the neighbourhood park twice in the past few days. I didn't even know that park existed until the babysitter mentioned it and I decided we had to go. The park is awesome and Brendan absolutely loves the swing. See photo evidence below!

I have also been a good "green" consumer lately. I know, consumer and green.. not two words that go well together. While in Toronto last week visiting a friend, I stopped by the Grassroots Store on Bloor. I ended up leaving with a reuable hemp coffee filter that ended up not fitting my coffee maker UGH! and a few "Moontime" washable pads. These things looked so nice I couldn't resist buying them. I stopped in for lunch at Fresh on Bloor and enjoyed some tasty vegan-fare: sweet potato fries with miso gravy and spring rolls mmmmmmm.

In garden news, seedlings seem to be doing better this time around. My garlic is growing like crazy and the ovation greens mix have popped through the soil. No sign of the parsley, dill or thyme yet. I have also finished drawing out my garden plans for the front and back yards. In all likelihood it will take 5 years before they get to where I want the yard from now. The yard had not been looked after in YEARS. The man who owned the house before us was in his 90's and clearly was unable to keep up with any yard maintenace. Consequently.. we have a lot of tree removal, weeding, grass seeding and fencing to do this summer but each step brings us closer, right?

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becka said...

Oh, I really need to get onto planning my garden! I want to have garlic growing!