Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Frustration. Wedding Plans.

Why does everything with the label "wedding" cost so much????

PHOTOGRAPHY. I saw a friend's wedding photos which were absolutely gorgeous. Her photographer specialized in creative photography. The photos looked like they were straight out of Modern Bride. She honestly looked like a model. I asked her how much her photographer was.. $2200 - just to take the pictures! GET OUT. I started to reason with myself. The photos were really nice. I called the photographer just for fun. She was all booked up but referred me to another photographer who does similar stuff. Price tag: $3500 starting package. YEAH RIGHT. After seeing more and more similar pricetags, I started to play around with some of my photos in photo editing programs which is something I have never done. I actually achieved some similar looking photos using the effects. I think I have decided to "creatively" edit my own wedding photos and invest in a good photoshop program to do so. A family friend who takes really good pictures has offered to do my photography and put together an album as a wedding gift. This would save me thousands and hopefully I'd get comparable results and have the printing rights.

In the end I'll be marrying this guy - we'll have many years worth of photos. One day isn't so important.

DRESS. Most dresses I have seen are going for upward of $500 for really simple styles. I just can't justify spending this type of money for a dress I will wear once. (Especially since I can make whatever dress look like a red carpet gown using photoshop as I mentioned above). A couple of my girlfriends and my mother and I are going dress shopping downtown Toronto this weekend. We have an appointment at the Bride's Project. This shop donates the proceeds of sales to children with cancer. All of the dresses are donated by brides, shops, designers etc. I really loved this idea. Helping a cause and saving $$. This is also part of my vision of having a somewhat eco-friendly wedding. Wish me luck. Some dresses I like:

FOOD. I have looked into organic catering. We are having an evening wedding so no dinner. But we are having a cocktail reception and dance so we will require finger foods. Let me tell you, much like "wedding" anything with the label "organic" or "local" is atleast double the cost of anything non-organic. Therefore, I have taken it upon myself to make my own food for the wedding and then I can shop for the ingredients at local farms - perfect since the wedding is in August. I am still planning on making my own wedding cake to practice the skills I will learn at my cake decorating courses I am taking this spring.

MUSIC. I have secured a DJ at $850 dollars. Expensive, I know. But the cheapest I could find that still offered lighting, selection of songs, option for guests to request, an MC, consultation and get this.. the most important "a properly attired DJ". Now for my song list...

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becka said...

I totally hear you on this one! We got married last May and costing everything out was terrifying! I don't understand how people do it, or why people pay thousands for things like....fireworks. Seriously?? We did a lot of stuff ourselves, and as much as we could only bought things we could reuse. Lots came from Value Village! The boys outfits all came from there actually, haha. It's a hard one though, because you want it to be perfect and lovely, and you know that people are totally exploiting that! Photos were one thing we splurged on, and even still we didn't pay too much but got an amazing deal. Being a photographer myself, it was one of the things I guess I felt strongly about.

I'm exciting to keep reading how this is all going for you though!