Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spring is indeed on its way..

What a BEAUTIFUL Saturday.

The past couple days we've had some real teething issues with Brendan. Consequently, he has been really needy. Hopefully some teeth will poke through soon!

Finally some good weather to get outside. This morning I sowed some of my seeds. I had to replant. I neglected my plants and unfortunately they did not make it. This time I will be more of a responsible gardener hehe.

This afternoon we jumped into the car and headed over to Heber Down. A local conservation area - our favourite around here. When we got there there was only 3 other cars. By the time we left, the lot was almost full! Even Jake got to run off his leash for a while. We had a good time.

Here is a picture of our new front loaders. I totally love them. Only problem is.. do natural detergents come HE compatible? I've been using one that isn't. However, apparently it can wreck your machine not using the HE stuff!

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Dan said...

Nothing better then a bunch of seed packets! Now if it would only warm up enough outside to get things planted.