Thursday, November 19, 2009

Just another one of those nights

It has been one of those nights. Clearly since I'm blogging at 3:30am. We just broke a fever finally and my little man is finally sleeping for now. 11pm he woke up quite distraught but once I got him he seemed fine. He was boiling hot to the touch so I checked his temp. - 102F. Do you think I could find any fever medication for him...nope. Ryan suggested I put him back to bed since he was chatty and otherwise seemed fine. He happily took a bottle so had no diminished appetite. He woke up again at 1am at which point the fever was still there and I had to go out to the nearest 24 hours Shoppers Drugmart to get some medication. After I gave him the medication I could not get him to go back to sleep. The sad, sick little boy in his crib was a happy, extremely talkative energetic little boy outside of his bed. Clearly this boy just doesn't want to sleep. Therefore I sat in emotional dilemma...on the one hand I reminded myself that I have a sick child with a proven fever that needs all the love and nurturing I can give him. Yet on the other hand part of me thought that he was totally playing me since he's as happy as ever outside of his bed. It was really an emotional battle. Not for Ryan though. If Brendan is eating, talking and wanting to play - regardless of fever - Ryan is more than happy to go to sleep with his mind at rest while Brendan is fussing in the other room because "he must not be that sick if he wants to play" I think fathers must be wired differently. My emotional motherly side says make the child happy and my rational outsider viewpoint says.... most likely the husband is right.

Whoever said being a mother is easy clearly hasn't had kids.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Maybe I do have a crafty side!

May I present.. MY VERY FIRST COMPLETED BLANKET! (ignore my 70's recliner) I've always loved doing artsy/crafty things. However... most of the things I have attempted have not turned out so nice, I've gotten bored or I've quit after experiencing slight difficulty aka. knitting, crochet, even cross stitch but this... this blanket was foolproof! You'd never know it wasn't quite rectangular or the fringe isn't evenly spaced. This was a project I started in the summer for Ryan's cousin's daughter who is 8 months younger than Brendan. We got one for Brendan last winter from a family friend and absolutely loved it. The one I made has a pink fleece side with hippos on it and a flat purple side. I was complaining to Ryan tonight while I was finishing it off about how I hate measuring and I couldn't get anything even and never to let me start crafty projects again because I always end up not liking them or failing horribly. WELL let me tell you, when I finished doing all the knots I was so proud I decided I will just have to make more. You can get the directions for yourself here. These would make AWESOME christmas gifts as you can choose a million different patterns and colours of fleece.

Now for the Halloween pictures of my little skeleton. We just layered him underneath and put his coat on and left it open. He can be a skeleton every night now because his costume was a pair of $10 glow in the dark pyjamas! His hat was $1 from the Dollarama and his bucket also $1. Can you tell mom doesn't like to spend a lot on costumes and loves to repurpose yet still be unique. Believe it or not I had a ton of people ask me where I got his costume.. and my slightly embarassing response in my head was "they are actually $10 pyjamas because I'm too cheap to spend $40 on a one time use kids costume". Actual response - "from Walmart" 

Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Moon, New Start

Since being sick all week has left me bored and in bed I decided to pick up my half read New Moon book from the Twilight Saga. Brendan has been staying with my sister this week so he doesn't catch the flu. In my eyes avoidance is a far better precaution than vaccinating with a questionable vaccine.

I started reading New Moon months ago only to become uninterested and put it down. It seemed like perfect timing to start reading it again right before the new movie comes out this month. Although I thought the first book was wayyy better than the movie. I think the movie coming out sometime mid-month might just out do this book - or I hope so anyway.

In other exciting news.. I have decided this year we will make the most out of our health benefits. Ryan's plan covers massage and naturopath doctors so I will be going to both! Since having Brendan 18 months ago I haven't quite felt 100%. I don't know if it is from the new stress of being a parent or changed eating habits (I never felt healthier than when I was pregnant and eating very well, taking vitamins, getting appropriate amounts of exercise). Once Brendan was born I felt like I didn't have the time to eat healthy the way I had while pregnant. I would just scarf down anything quickly while he was napping for 20 mins - truth be told I probably lived off grilled cheese for the first 3 months. Now he is starting into that picky kid food stage where he prefers finger foods like grilled cheese or fish sticks which has made it even harder on me to eat well. I don't know if I've mentioned it before but I breast-fed Brendan solid for 8 months. During that time I lost all of my pregnancy weight gain and then some. When I was pregnant I only gained 25 lbs. Brendan was a month early. I haven't been able to gain any weight back. Surprisingly.. because the way I've been eating has been a far cry from healthy and balanced. I have been eating way more meat which I am not happy about and I really do notice a big decline in the way I feel but I have needed the extra iron in quick doses. I'm hoping the naturopathic doctor can help me to get back on track so that when we are expecting baby #2 I am in great shape nutrition and otherwise.