Monday, March 23, 2009

Ahhh Spring..

This weekend we did lots of Spring cleaning and work around the house. My "office space" is just about complete now minus the window and door trim and the refinishing of the door.. See below!

We managed to get outside with Brendan a lot on the rollerblades. Ryan takes Brendan in the running stroller and the dog on a leash and I have hands free to just enjoy the blade. Here is a picture of the last time Brendan will ever be in the Jolly Jumper. He is just too big now. He can reach up and grab the plastic bar above him. haha.

I also got some seeds planted this weekend. Green Zebra tomato, Mariana tomato, chamomile, yellow pepper and parsley. I re-potted my garlic which seems to be thriving and my greens mix which was getting a little crowded. I can't wait until they start sprouting!

I managed to get the china cabinet that we inherited cleaned and filled with our stuff.

Here are some of the tea cups in my collection. I have a tea cup fetish. :).

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