Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Diet Low Down: Day 1

So I saw a naturopath yesterday (she was absolutely fabulous, part-time doctor who stays home with her kids, and moonlights as a Professor at UofT). The reason for my visit was that for the past almost year I have gotten some progressively worse eczema on my hands, legs and feet. Particularly my hands. As a child I had eczema but never on my hands and feet like this before and it went away for ohh about 10+years. She suggested the best thing for me to try is an elimination diet. What can you eat on this diet? hmmm next to nothing.

List of Avoids...(pretty much my entire current diet - with the exception of egg, dairy, meat)




Red meat

Nightshade veggies - tomato, potato, peppers, eggplant


Banana, melons, and citrus


Processed foods



Dried Fruit

Peanuts, Cashews and Pistachios

On the menu today:

Breakfast - Oatmeal with almond milk (very bland)

Coffee with sugar and cream - BIG CHEAT

Snacks/Lunch - Sunflower Rye crackers, Sesame gluten-free crackers with edameme dip (the dip is delicious although it does have a little lemon juice in it)

An apple

Gluten-free cereal with almond milk (again - pretty bland)

Dinner - pasta salad (which I later red the package of mix for the dressing and it contained dehydrated peppers)

blueberries and cherries for dessert

Supplements - flax oil, probiotics, spoonful of molasses (I read in a book this can help)

I did drink the recommended 2L of water today which is always challenging for me. I'm really going to have to work harder at this diet. Overall, I don't feel very satisfied and the diet is extremely difficult to follow. Sigh. 20 more days to go until I can start reintroducing. I'm going to have to get a whole lot more creative with my meal plan.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Last Hurrah!

This past long weekend marked the end of a long era for my in-laws. This was the official last gathering of the family before they move into town from their 100 acre farm. The farm has been the hub of all family gatherings and the childhood home of my husband and his next immediate brother (there are 5 siblings in total - my husband is the youngest and his brother a year older as well as three older siblings from his dad's first marriage). I was lucky to enjoy the past 5 years of celebrations there with them. Time was often spent around a bonfire, going on hikes back into the bush, fishing, playing bocce ball, and going on snowmobile and atv rides.  

The rest of our weekend was spent gardening. The gardens in the front make a HUGE difference. I also started some veggies in containers on the porch. We'll see how they do. Our CSA starts next week. I can't tell you how excited I am for farm fresh local fruit and vegetables.

On the Brendan front... we can't get enough of being outside!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

It's been awhile..I have a 2 year old!

Life has been so crazy lately with working, vacationing to Florida, home renovations and the little one's birthday. Yes.. I have a 2 year old. One very sick 2 year old at the moment with an ear infection. It feels awful that I have to work when he's sick. Even though I know he's in good hands with my sister at home.

Not two days after Brendan's 2nd birthday he decided to embark on some crib climbing escapades. Needless to say, we've had to take the front off his crib so he doesn't fall (we have a 3-in-1). It has taken a little bit of adjusting for him - learning not to get out of bed. He can also climb the rope ladder and a ladder with foot holes at the park on his own. This is quite terrifying for me to watch but I love his sense of independence. He is so confident.

I'll let you see for yourself.. snapshots to sum up April

One of many trips to the park.
Swimming it up with Grandma in the outdoor pool in Florida. He loved the plane ride - especially the landing and take off. He laughed and laughed the whole time while other babies cried.To think I worried for nothing.

Playing with his sweet new wooden train set he got for his birthday. He even had a few friends over to celebrate.