Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spring is near!

The weather has been tricking us lately. Snow one day, rain the next, snow again, bright sunny skies. I am convinced that Spring is coming though. Unfortunately I have been neglecting my seedlings just a wee bit and they are pretty darn dried out. Hopefully I wont have to start all over again. I have just been so busy with everything lately.

Thursday Brendan started actually crawling, moving hands and knees. It was so exciting to see.

On Saturday, the girls, my mom and I went out dress shopping and I got the PERFECT dress at the Bride's Project like I mentioned I was going to in my last post. I couldn't believe the price and I found out the owner is an Alumni of the same university as me (GO FIGURE) so I felt good supporting a fellow alum. It is not the "traditional" white wedding gown but that is alright because I am far from a traditional bride. We also decided on a sage green colour for the girls and a goldish colour for Ryan's neices. Getting the dress makes it all the more real. After shopping - it only took me two hours and I kept trying on dresses I'd never choose because they wanted me to try everything on just to make sure - we went to Pappas Grill on the Danforth. It is an awesome Greek place that my parents used to take us to a few times when we were younger. It seemed like a suiting place to go after dress shopping because the last time we were there was with my dad. I decided to go Greek and have Greek Salad and Greek Pizza. YUM. Saturday evening my aunts were at my mom's so I went over for a girl's night and drank wine and ate a fabulous meal.

I've gotten to spend a ton of time with Brendan this week because the sitter's oldest son got pink eye and together we thought it best that Brendan hold off until tomorrow to go back. :S . Unfortunately, I was depending on a free day to finish up a paper that is due this week for the Women and the Law course I am taking. Thankfully, my sister has agreed to watch him tonight so I can go work at the library. We also found a new food Brendan likes. Avocado blended with raw spinach. So healthy! I don't know why I didn't think of it before. The guy eats it up!


Surprised Suburban Wife said...

I have been looking for a way to get Megan to eat spinach...will definitely try it blended with avocado!

Urban Environmentalist said...

Let me know how it goes over!