Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Settling into the Rhythm of Being Home Again

(32 1/2 weeks)

Although my last post was somewhat dark, things have much improved in only a few short weeks. We started putting B to bed between 7:45 and 8pm instead of between 7-7:30pm. This has made a huge difference. He no longer struggles with us and for the most part stays in bed after we have read him a couple of stories and tucked him in. He also now wakes up closer to 7am instead of 5:30 or 6am which is a bonus for me since I'm now home and don't have to get up for work. It also has been extremely wonderful that we decided to keep him in 3 half days/week at the school.

Our "school" days look a little something like this:

7am - Wake up - B wakes me up and we cuddle for a couple minutes in my bed.

7:05-7:45am - We eat some breakfast and get dressed, sometimes B watches one Caillou segment on YouTube while I get ready.

7:45-8am - Drop off to Montessori

8:05am - Coffee by myself!

8:05am-11:45am - I complete various errands, appointments (midwives), and household tasks.

11:45am - Pick up B from Montessori

11:50am-1pm - Lunch and a little play time

1pm-2:30 or 3pm - Nap time (I usually nap at this time too or atleast stay in bed)

3-4pm - Outdoor activity (weather permitting)

4-5pm - Dinner prep and daddy gets home

On the pregnancy front I am feeling quite large these days at nearly 34 weeks even though I have dropped 1 pound at each of my 2 appointments in the last month which concerns me slightly. Belly still seems to be getting larger. Had an early labour scare as a result of a symptomless UTI a few weeks back which led to 24 hours in a hospital 2 hours away since all the closer hospitals could not deliver before 32 weeks. In good news, baby is head down and ready to go. I previously had a low lying placenta. However the head has already cleared the placenta so I'm good to go for a vaginal birth. Horray! Hard to believe at this point with B I was a week and a half away from his arrival!

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Surprised Suburban Wife said...

You look fantastic! Keep that baby in and enjoy the time off of work....I absolutely love mat leave:)