Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Low Key Different Easter

This year Easter weekend was different for us for many reasons. Firstly, being in the last month of pregnancy and having a quick birth first time around - not to mention at 35 weeks 4 days - I cannot travel anywhere remotely far and the in-laws live about 2 hours away so that family get together was crossed off the list. My mother who lives close by went to spend Easter weekend with her partner's family in Montreal for the weekend so no getting together with them either. Secondly, Ryan was offered overtime work both Friday and Saturday so it was just B and me both days. Thirdly, we've had people come to view our house every day since it was listed for Sale last Wednesday so the cleaning and vacating of the house has been the central activity of the past few days.

I must say, it was kind of nice to be just the three of us today on our last Easter as a family of three. This was also the first year B really took an interest in Easter and its activities. We didn't go overboard. I got the idea from Dreena Burton's Easter post to buy some larger plastic eggs and fill them with goodies, both edible and non-edible. The key attraction to these was that they are reusable and that they are large enough for a toddler to efficiently find. Also, the emphasis wasn't as much on the sweets. 12 eggs were enough for this year. The hunt was also limited to the living room only. When our children get a wee bit older I would love to do an outdoor hunt with them. B was thrilled and it was amazing watching our little guy run around looking for these eggs and take such joy in finding each one. I had hoped to get around to fun things like dying eggs (done so nicely by this lovely lady) however, being in the final stages of this pregnancy, I've been focusing on getting things ready for the arrival of the new babe and also on preparing for B's 3rd Birthday next weekend just in case we get some baby action this week.

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