Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Keeping a busy toddler..busy

Most SAHM's know too well that sometimes it can be far more challenging (although incredibly rewarding) than working out of the home.

B is the most creative, funny, thoughtful, smart little guy most of the time. However, when he is not stimulated enough a.k.a bored, he can be the least agreeable, most difficult, little fellow. This is particularly difficult for me as I am an A-type personality that like to plan things out or stick to a routine and sometimes I feel as though I don't have enough imagination or whim-type thinking to keep him entertained. To be quite honest it is sometimes mentally exhausting for me to think of ways to keep him entertained and happy. It is certainly something that has challenged me on an intellectual level. I'm working on it. Funny how much we learn from our kids when we think they are the ones doing all the learning.

Some things that have kept us busy these past few days:

Making an art smock from daddy's old ripped shirt

Working on creative masterpieces - painting, colouring, stickering, and cutting with safety scissors

Exploring new parks

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