Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Somewhat late resolutions...

This year I was so busy I failed to make any New Years resolutions.. a 25 random things about myself note made me think of some things or rather goals that I would like to accomplish this year. Here it goes:

- Volunteer more. Ideally I am hoping to volunteer at the young mothers help center nearby. As a young (fairly young - by today's standards) mother, I feel like I could really help some young women which is really important. Especially when many of them do not have the support that I was very lucky to have. I also already have my name in as a volunteer for the city's peony garden. It would be nice to help the community and enhance my "green thumb".

- Buy less, buy less new stuff, and buy more local - in these tough economic times, we need to help our communities the best we can.

- Read books for fun. This is something I haven't done in a loooong time. Since I am done with school I can finally read for pleasure. Not that I didn't really enjoy most of my university readings. Infact.. I loved most of them.

- Get back to running. Something I gave up a long time ago and really made me feel good.

- Find a job I really like. This one is pretty important, I think. Ryan enjoys his job working outside. I would really like to find a job that I would love to go to every day. Especially since I am leaving Brendan. It would be nice to atleast enjoy the place I spend 8 hours a day at.

- Various home reno projects. This time small ones! Fencing in the yard, reupholstering the dining room chairs, getting the lawn and gardens under control. Planting some organic herbs, veggies and a small tea garden.

- Take various interest classes --> Cake decorating, flower arranging...

and finally... spending more time relaxing as a family.

(These have been on my mind lately. I love peonies. Once I get my garden in order I plan on planting a whole bunch of them. They are a very strong contestant for my bridal bouquet at the moment. I can't wait for spring.. and I did mention volunteering for the peony garden in the above note so the picture is somewhat relevant)

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