Friday, February 13, 2009

All settled in. Kinda.

So we finally made the big move last weekend. The new place is really starting to feel like home, each day that passes and the more we get more unpacked. Yesterday I re-potted my hibiscus and a few other plants that survived the move - tough plants - and planted some herbs again.

On Wednesday, Brendan and I went to visit a potential home daycare around the corner. The lady looks after all boys and therefore caters almost all of her activities to things that little boys like to do which is pretty neat. Brendan seemed to enjoy the other boys and I felt pretty comfortable with the sitter as we chatted and I toured around her home. We will likely be starting him a few days a week to ease him into the full-time before I head to work. I have very mixed feelings about being away from him. On the one hand, I am really happy he is so easy-going and becoming more independent but on the other I sometimes miss the dependence (mostly the cuddles which are getting fewer and fewer).

Tonight Ryan and I are going up to Peterborough to celebrate mine and my dear friend and former roommate's birthday which we used to do together all the time in university but haven't in a couple years. My sister is watching Brendan for the evening. It will also be nice to actually go out somewhere without Brendan. Usually when we go out with friends one of us is watching the baby.

I have been meaning to post some pictures and will just as soon as I locate the camera which is still packed in one of these boxes!

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