Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow, Snow, and more Snow

The past few weeks have been particularly crazy in regard to the weather here. Ryan hasn't been working as much due to the cold, snow, and general lack of work. The economic here has really slowed the construction sector down and he was lucky to keep his job. Unfortunately, our friend got laid off which is no good. I must admit that I do kind of enjoy it when Ryan comes home early or just doesn't have to show up one day for work. It is really nice to be able to see him and not have to always work on the renovations or do regular house work. But the lack of money sure does stink and to much disappointment, Ryan will no longer be able to take the time off that we had planned to go visit his parents in Florida next month.

All the time we have been spending renovating has left me missing Brendan a little and wondering what it will be like once I start working soon. He is becoming so independent. He plays really well on his own and is taking the bottle really well (we are down to two-ish breastfeeds a day). He is also becoming a little chatterbox and says mostly ma's and ba's but no dada's yet. He can scoot around backwards on his little car which is really cute.

Progress at the house has been going a mile a minute. Last weekend we got the hardwood upstairs mostly done and all of the bedrooms painted. This weekend we are painting downstairs and tiling the kitchen and hallway. Next weekend will be the big move I think! A friend of mine, mentioned to me that she had reupholstered her chairs herself (a nesting urge!) So that is another project I am going to attempt to undertake just as soon as we get settled in. I will be so happy to finally slow down and start to enjoy our house that we've been working on for 7 months in every spare minute.

In other news, I signed us up for a food share this summer from a local community sustainable agriculture operation. I can't wait to start recieveing farm fresh, minimal pesticides, local fruits and veggies weekly. I also found a farm that offers organic beef.

The snow piles here are getting so high, we are running out of space to put all the snow that wont let up. Tomorrow.. I think I will take Brendan for a ride in his sled..and maybe get a vanilla rooibos tea latte from Starbucks for myself :)

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Tuco said...

Hi there - just noticed you'd "favourited" my cycling blog and thought I'd say hi. I also have a veggie blog at

So you're in Oshawa? I worked at Durham College/UOIT for a year... did you know there was a Durham veggie group?

Take care, and good luck out there in Oshawa!