Friday, January 31, 2014

Pregnancy #3 Third Trimester Update

24 weeks - Baby#3

I haven't really talked much about this pregnancy on the blog. For the most part I have uneventful pregnancies but this pregnancy has been much more difficult than the other two so I haven't felt the excitement to do belly photographs or share complaints. The photo above is from 24 weeks or my "better days".

To clarify, Baby #3 is 100% healthy and perfect. I'll be 30 weeks pregnant tomorrow and he (still a he!) is measuring just over a week ahead at 31 weeks and is approximately 3lbs 10oz  according to an ultrasound I had yesterday morning. Everyone always tells me how small I look for my dates in every pregnancy so it is a nice piece of mind that baby looks to be in fact a little bigger than dates and thriving.

It is my body that has been less than cooperative this time around.

B was born at 35 weeks so early labour has always been a concern of mine with my pregnancies. I was lucky to deliver N at 38 weeks but only after a scare of early labour at 31 weeks. I also have ridiculously quick labours which doesn't sound like a complaint but I'm nervous about making it to the hospital on time.

So I sit... wishing I weren't wishing away these last weeks of being pregnant very likely for the last time but crossing my fingers for small milestones like making it to 32 weeks when I can deliver locally, making it to 35 weeks when the risks for baby are far less, and making it to 37 weeks for a full-term baby. Of course making it to the hospital for the birth is also high on the list, along with not needing a scheduled c-section which is looking like it could be in the cards at this point.

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