Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Start of a nursery

I scrubbed away at most of the wallpaper border last weekend in the nursery. My wonderful husband also went in and did some mudding in the spots that needed it. The hope is that this weekend he'll be able to do a quick sanding and then prime the room. We're thinking of grey walls, something along the lines of Benjamin Moore's Harbor which is pictured above with dark navy accents throughout. The blinds are already navy and I managed to find a photo of the crib we have, although the one in the picture looks much nicer than ours since B used the side of ours as a teether. When I was out this weekend getting a picture frame for our family photo from Disney - since if I don't buy a frame for the photo it will just go by default to our box of photos in the closet that we'll "get around to" displaying someday - I came across this cute retro TV picture frame at Winners for $6.99 and immediately snatched it up. I really love the shelf we put up in N's big boy room for the stuff that you don't quite want in little hands but you want to display. I think we'll do the same for the nursery.

Starting to get excited to see it all come together.

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