Saturday, January 18, 2014

28 Weeks

I will do something in the nursery this weekend, however small. The job is just so daunting - removing wallpaper (which N half did on his own already when he occupied the room), patching in a few spots, and painting all needs to be done. Thankfully as a seasoned mama I know babies don't actually need or even appreciate much the fancy spaces we like to adorn them with. If its not done when this little man makes his arrival, it's not done. But it would be nice to have the experience of putting a lot of careful thought and love into creating a space just for him to bring him home to. It seems an opportunity we never had with the other boys with temporary accommodations when B arrived and a move on the horizon with N. This time around we'll be welcoming our newest addition into a home we plan on staying in for a long while and I guess we'll finally get to experience what it feels like to have that textbook bringing baby home event - if I can ever get around to finishing the room!


Martina - GetReal Momma said...

wow 28 weeks!!!
We didn't decorate or even set up the crib until Lil Miss was home. It was mainly a lack of time thing.
I think we all definitely decorate babies room purely for us!!

Kristy said...

We haven't made much progress on the nursery yet so we'll see if the goal actually gets met!