Sunday, February 2, 2014

Month 15: Debt Repayment Update

 So for January we are only down $236 which leaves:


Still not below the $50K mark. January is always a month of catch up for us since DH doesn't get paid for almost 2 weeks over the holidays and then work is always slow to pick up for him afterwards. Especially slow this year due to the frigid temperatures. January is also when we go back to having CPP and EI payments deducted from our pay. DH usually pays these off by late summer if not earlier so for the last half of the year, there's a couple hundred dollars more on each pay. 

This month, a few unanticipated costs came up like DH having to pay a few hundred dollars in union dues. We were planning on paying these in February but the union called - no choice. We also made a few trips up north this month to visit DH's family which didn't cost too much aside from gas but still, the small things add up. 

We've been trying to make the most out of our last few months as a family of 4 - and doing a pretty good job at it might I add (DISNEY)! Once the baby is here, the boys will get a little less attention at least for the first little while so when friends of ours, who also have two boys, invited us up to Horseshoe Resort with them for the weekend, we jumped on the opportunity. They had already paid for the accommodations, had extra space, and took care of all the meals in exchange for us hosting them one weekend this summer at our family cottage in Temagami. DH took the boys this weekend as I've been battling a kidney infection and they had a blast skiing, swimming, and eating sugary breakfast cereals. DH has taken B out the last 2 years (since he was 3) to the local ski hill with a pair of child skis and boots we got off Kijiji for $20. This was N's first time on skis at 2 1/2 - so a year earlier than B. Apparently it went remarkably well. N was grinning ear to ear and B didn't need any one on one assistance at all from DH.  I'm sad I missed it but happy they had so much fun. They do like their daddy time. 

Planning ahead for when baby arrives, this month I also booked a local swimming pool for the boys' birthday party in May. I've posted before about how I feel about larger than life birthday parties. Both of my guys LOVE the water and with a newborn only a few weeks old, I know I won't be up to hosting parties for a 3 and 6 year old at home. Something has got to give but..combined party..and you know I'm DIYing it up with the food, decor, and fun. I also paid for B's summer baseball registration. I've been trying to pay as many additional costs in advance of being off work since my maternity leave budget is really lean and won't allow for large additional expenditures. In February I plan on buying paint for the nursery but really focusing on tackling the last of our credit card debt since I feel like there's a very good possibility this little guy will be coming early so the pay checks are limited. 

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