Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Update on the Boys

Brendan (3 years, 11 Months)
On our library/bus date. This kid loves public transit!

  • Finally outgrowing the afternoon nap
  • After 2 years of bed time struggles, he is finally going to bed without a fight
  • Less picture books, more chapter books – We've been reading Jimmy the Skunk. Frog and Toad and Robert Munch books are still favourites.
  • Loves bombing around on his two-wheeled scooter (Razor) when the weather allows. He still takes many spills but enjoys it nonetheless. Trampoline has also become a favorite outdoor activity as of late.
  • He has also been going on more play dates without us – usually over to our neighbors’ house (This is still weird to me! He is getting so big!)

Nicholas (11 Months)
  • Stair climbing and cruising around on the furniture like a champion
  • Playing with balls – he’ll throw them and retrieve them
  • Enjoying “real” food. He basically eats with us now. We just leave off any spices, sauces, or spreads from his food.
  • Likes to say DaDa – his favourite word. Occasionally says Mama..usually when he is upset.
  • The little rock star is starting to sleep through the night most nights (with the exception of some runny nose wake ups
I seriously need to get cracking on the birthday party planning!

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