Sunday, April 15, 2012

Simple Easter

This year, some of the things included in the boys baskets were:

- Books (Board books for baby, Berenstain Bears and Curious George for the big guy)
- Matching spring pajamas
- Cute pool noodle soaker guns (maybe N can use his next year if B hasn’t broken it by then)
- Bubbles for the big guy

This year I bought nice Easter baskets that we will be able to use year after year. We also use fillable plastic eggs – medium sized so that we can fill them with mini chocolate eggs, cars, stickers, etc.  This year I also bought large-sized eggs and filled them with bells, and egg shakers for the babe. Like Christmas and most other holidays, we try to have less emphasis on sweets and on stuff altogether. 

We visited DH's family on Saturday and did the big Easter dinner. I didn't bother doing anything fancy for dinner for just our little family on Easter Sunday and no one seemed to mind. 

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