Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A camping we will go

Recently, I booked us in for two camping trips this Summer at nearby Ontario Parks – Presqu’ile and Sandbanks. We haven’t been to either before but heard good reviews of both from several friends. Last summer we never made it camping. I guess just something about being sleep deprived at home didn’t make me jump at the thought of trying to sleep away in a family tent.

We had such a good camping experience two summers ago with B at Sauble Beach (where I spent many childhood summers and where we spent some of our honeymoon). We’re also planning on going back there this summer but we stay at a private campground which doesn’t require us to book that far in advance to get a site. I was amazed that pretty much all of the good sites were already booked for this Summer on the Ontario Parks reservations website.

I’m a little nervous about camping with the littlest fellow although I’m sure it’ll be fine!

Tips for camping with small children anyone?

Below are some older photos of our camping trip two summers ago - B was 2. Where does the time go!


Mo said...

So exciting! We went camping when my son was 8mo, and he loved it! We went to Presqu'ile, which is just beautiful (though we didn't get to explore it that much since it rained the whole time). My son loved it, the one thing that was really helpful; we brought our pack n play! set that up first, with a bug net over the top, and he played in there while we set up camp! We brought toys that could be washed easily, and packed more clothes than we could ever possibly need (you never know what could happen).
We're planning a couple trips this summer, and my son will be almost 3, and our daughter will be 10mo. Hopefully it doesn't rain this
Have fun, hope you post pics!

Kristy said...

Great tip re: the pack n' play and bug net! I was wondering what I'd do with our little guy while we set up. Last time we let B roam around the van while we set up the tent and then he hung out in the tent while we set up the rest. I've been trying to find a better sleep situation than our usual air mattress. I find the air mattress so cold at night!