Thursday, April 26, 2012

Friendly parks - the exception to the rule

I've been very lucky with the parks in our neighbourhood. At our last house, we took B to the park often (where the photo above was taken). At this park a bunch of moms/grandparents/daycare providers brought their children on the regular. We could count on seeing the same few groups of kids and guardians. Quickly we learned to bring snacks, chalk, toys, and sand toys to the park. The environment here was very welcoming. People shared toys and snacks and adults conversed while the children played. When we moved last summer, we were sad to leave that park but quite happy to find that our new park is much the same. Not unlike our old park, there are a variety of care providers and children of different ages at the park. But in our new neighbourhood, the school bus picks up and drops off children at the park. Often we see the same children spending time at the park after school before heading home for dinner. Unfortunately my park going experience seems to be the exception rather than the rule from what I hear from other moms.

Fellow mom blogger Mo from Not a Coupon Queen wrote a wonderfully authentic guest post over at Oshawa Mom Space on her negative experience and park etiquette. Check it out and weigh in!

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