Friday, September 24, 2010

Five Senses Friday - Autumn Begins

Above, a photo of my father, far right celebrating his 4th birthday in Manitoba in November. It was unusually warm that Fall, much like it is looking it will be here in Ontario anyway. Everything about the image is perfect to me.. homemade cake, sweet sweet children (cousins), outdoor eating, tractor toy in hand, right down to his striking resemblance to B.

Five Senses Friday


Crunchy, delicious apples. There have been fresh apples at work all this week and since I've been indulging I think I will take the little man for our annual apple pick this weekend. I wonder what else I can make besides sauce, jam, pie filling and muffins... maybe cider!

Feist - something about her soothing sound eludes "Autumn" to me.


The changing colour of the leaves.


Cinnamon and nutmeg - almost time for Pumpkin Pie


Peaceful. As I am enjoying many of my readings, the workload of grad school doesn't seem so burdening. Here's to hoping they keep on being good. Oh I'm also feeling extreme excitement as I spoke with a Professor and she'd love to have me take her Maternal Theory course in the Winter semester. Hurrah!

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