Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Up and Coming Thanksgiving

This year I am thankful that my school reading week falls on the same week as Thanksgiving. This means a much awaited break from the 7 day/week of readings, assignments and not to mention my two jam packed days of classes and Graduate Assistantship position.

I am looking forward to spending some quality time with my boys.

On the agenda:

- Lots of outdoor time - Farmers Market Trip, Park, Conservation Area
- A friend's surprise birthday party - Yay adult time.
- Preparing some Gluten-Free/Dairy-Free/Meat-Free dishes and baked goods to take to our family Thanksgiving dinners
- Snuggling up and watching a movie at home
- Searching nearby natural landscapes for things we can use to make Autumn crafts - I'm definitely thinking these!

What are other Canadian folk doing this long weekend?

1 comment:

Surprised Suburban Wife said...

Nothing as inspired as fall crafts! We are going to the in-laws in Kelowna for Thanksgiving...should be beautiful there if the weather holds. Happy long weekend!