Saturday, September 4, 2010

Simply Lovely Long Weekend

Long weekend thus far has been productive and pleasant.

Groceries were gotten - under budget I might add too!
Office was cleaned
Bikes were brought out to go downtown to the GO Bus Terminal to get tickets for school
Boys did some purging of stuff we no longer need
Hair was cut and styled for a fresh new "back to school" look

In attempts to stick to a strict budget, pay down debt, and get back on track with my environmental values, I set out today to cancel our cable TV (finally got the hubby's agreement on this). Let me tell you how the service provider cut $40 off our bill - we pay around $35 for Cable currently and let us keep our cable - all because I mentioned that we didn't feel the money for the cable was worth it given the amount of time we watch TV.

Tomorrow's Agenda -

Cleaning & Cooking

Painting doors and putting knobs back on. In keeping some of the integrity of our old house, we've kept the original skeleton key doors. Love them. However, we've been knobless on some doors for ohh about 6 months now so I'll be happy to get those back on. :)

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