Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy Happy New Year!

Well.. this is my first post of 2009. The last leg of my winter vacation was pretty hectic and included a bad case of the stomach flu for all of us. For New Years Eve day we went to Ryan's sister's just outside of Newmarket for some outdoor fun. We were hoping Brendan would enjoy riding around outside in his new toboggan but it was too cold out and he got pretty angry pretty fast. All in all we spent more time bundling him up then he spent actually outside. Ryan enjoyed playing some pond hockey with his family and I enjoyed standing on the sidelines by the bonfire and drinking mulled wine from the Coleman stove (unfortunately my skates cannot be located as they have been lost in the move - for now).

I spent the rest of the holiday frantically trying to finish my already late literature review for my thesis project. I am happy to say that I sent it away to my professor last night so I'm feeling pretty good today.

Brendan is growing, growing, growing. He has been trying all sorts of new foods and seems to love the Stonyfield Farms Organic "Yo-Baby" yogurt. He has also taken a liking to melon and loves it in the mesh feeder. It would appear that Brendan will have a ton of new friends in 2009. It feels like everyone I know announced over the holidays that they were having babies this summer. Ah yes.. 2009 should be an exciting year.

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