Sunday, January 18, 2009

An August wedding sounds just lovely...

You read it right - we're getting married! :)..  We've set the date - August 15th this year!! Nothing too big. An evening wedding at the church and a cocktail reception afterwards. Brendan will be our little ring bearer. It only feels like the next natural step after having Brendan (well I guess Jake was first), getting a house, and being together for awhile. But still I'm pretty excited. It will be nice to formalize our relationship and the prospect of spending forever with Ryan makes me feel very very lucky.

The Rock
Besides this, the following are what we have been up to lately:

Finger painting - loved it!

All ready for swimming lessons!

Renos are really coming along now. We're actually painting! Voila new bathroom!

The kitchen is coming along nicely too. Note the fabulous pot lights.

In other news... Brendan is almost sleeping through the night!!! At our recent visit to the pediatrician, I mentioned my difficulty sleeping through the night. Yes MY difficulty. She informed me that the reason why he was not sleeping through the night was because I was feeding him during the night and that for a baby of his size - she did say that.. my son is officially "chubby" - he shouldn't need to eat more than he does during the day and there is no reason why he cannot sleep 8 hours without food. And here all this time when I could've been peacefully sleeping 6-8 hours. So we had one night of me weaning him off nighttime feedings by just comforting. Absolutely no feeding and him very upset with me for a whole hour and then the next night.. slept a full 6 hours. Last night.. woke up once. I went and rubbed his head and he fell right back asleep until the morning. Why don't people tell you these things!!!


becka said...

Thanks for your lovely post on my blog! It's so nice to get some feedback, especially on posts like that where you're never quite sure how people are going to take it.

Congrats on your engagement also, how is all the planning going?

Urban Environmentalist said...

Thank you! The planning is coming along. Slowly but surely :) I am really happy to see when people take a stance and post things like that. It really puts things into perspective for people who don't really know much about the situation or haven't given it much consideration.