Monday, October 27, 2008

So I Skipped September..

September was an incredibly busy month for me. Yeesh. But I am going to try to post more. We've come a really long way with the renovations on our house and we should be moving in by the end of this month! YAY.

Other news. Brendan is getting HUGE. 6 months have gone by so fast. He's eating real people food now. Well pureed but it's still exciting, right?! So far he has loved everything (organic rice cereal and barley cereal, peas, squash, and carrots). I've been pretty good about making my own baby food but failing miserably on the cloth diaper front.

First taste of rice cereal
This weekend was particularly busy for us but good. Ryan arrived home from a week away hunting with his dad and brother-in-law (they were successful so we have a ton of sustainable organic meat coming our way).  I was really happy that he had a good time and he definately deserved and needed the break but with Brendan teething and all, he picked a hell of a time to leave me alone! I have oh so much more respect for the single parents out there!

We also bought a new Nikon Cool Pix camera recently. Both of us have had less than great digital cameras so we thought it was about time we invested in a good camera. Brendan is growing up so fast and we can't borrow other peoples cameras forever. This is good news for my blog which will now have far more (and better quality) pictures.

My beautiful hibiscus plant

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