Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Very First Post

So! I have officially started my own blog. After being a blog reading addict for the past year I felt as though it was definately time for me to start my own blog.

This year was one of many many changes for me. In October 2007, I found out that I was pregnant. Thankfully, I had all the support anyone could ever hope for from Ryan (my fabulous boyfriend of almost 3 years) and all my wonderful friends and family. In the winter, we made the difficult decision to move to Oshawa in order to be closer to my family and closer to Ryan's work, as he works in Toronto and the commute from Peterborough just sucked! Anyhoo.. to top it all off, we moved in with my mom the last week of April when our apartment leases were up in Ptbo so that we would have a place to stay until we could find a new home in Oshawa. Not even 3 days after we moved in our son decided to make his arrival 4 1/2 weeks earlier than expected! While taking care of our newborn baby, we started house hunting and stumbled upon a beautiful century home in a great neighbourhood and SURPRISE! It was in our price range. Thus the new parents became new home owners in July.

Currently we are knee deep in renovations because our dream home was indeed in need of some major TLC. Thankfully Ryan is quite handy and we have been able basically rebuild the inside of the house almost entirely on our own (pictures will follow soon). I must admit, I have learned quite a few things during the process.

Now that I have recapped the past year of my life in a nutshell, I can't wait to chronicle our adventures in the wonderful world of blogging.

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