Sunday, November 17, 2013

Update on my not so little ones

I haven't written an update on these guys in forever:

At 5 1/2 years, B...

- Is very social
- Is starting to show a real interest in learning things like letters, words, and the time.
- Is extremely caring and compassionate - he is a great big brother.
- Is very sensitive to being told no. Needs explanations.
- Enjoys having stories read to him (not so much trying to read them on his own)
- Likes colouring, painting, and gluing. His artistic abilities have grown dramatically.
- Is fascinated with Christmas
- Is too good at climbing trees.
- Still doesn't enjoy playing independently often or for long periods of time
- Is an early riser

At 2 1/2 years, N...

- Is determined as ever. Knows exactly what he wants.
- Is inquisitive - asks questions constantly
- Exercises his independence regularly (refusing help to get dressed, refusing to wear a diaper, climbing out of his crib, refusing to nap, using a chair or stool to climb up to the counter and fridge to help himself to food).
- Can ride his older brother's 2 wheeled scooter like a pro
- Doesn't test the boundaries as much as his older brother does/did
- Loves to look at pictures and tell you things about them
- Loves our Yorkie "Jake"
- Is still the pickiest of eaters and almost nightly declares "izz yucky" at the dinner table when presented with his food
- Likes cuddles
- Likes his sleep

Though they argue daily over toys and stuff lately - mostly N wanting whatever B has, they're still the best of friends. They hug and tell the other they love them often. They say sorry on their own most of the time when someone gets upset or hurt. In the mornings whoever wakes up first just has to wake the other up.

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