Saturday, November 9, 2013

November Goals

Here is how I did on my October Goals:

+ Organize and do a deep clean of the house. I did a fairly good job on this one - I dusted; B cleaned the baseboards for me (and thought it was fun!); organized B's bedroom; and sorted through the boys clothes, purged some, and consolidated them into rubbermaid containers we already had with the size marked on them. This also makes me thankful we're having another boy. Everything has been sorted and I can now make a list of the very few things I'll need for baby #3 this Spring.

+ Sort and organize the boys' baby books and photos. I did not get to this at all but I did decide that I want to order photo books online since nearly all of our photos are on the computer. I'll start with B ages 0-3 and make it a goal to order one of these books each year. Next year will be N 0-3, and the following year will be B 3-6 years. 

+ Finalize Christmas vacation plansOur Disney portion of the trip is paid off (resort and park fees). This is about 2/3 of the cost of the trip. Just need to save now for the travel, food and spending costs. I have most of our details sorted out. 

+ Get more sleep, exercise, and eat well. This month I did remarkably better on my fruit/veg and calcium intake. I also made an effort to walk more to do errands on my lunch hour. I purposely park in the parking lot farther away from my work and always take the stairs up the 3 floors rather than the elevator. I could do better on the sleep front but have been experiencing some pregnancy insomnia. 

My goals for November are:

+ Move N into his big boy room (currently our office) by the end of the month and find somewhere for our office to go. This room has some temperature issues since it is over the garage so we'll have to get that sorted out too. 

+ Finish most of my Christmas shopping and get the boys Santa photos done. Currently I'm about 25% done. 

+ Continue with organizing, cleaning, and purging at home. This should be an easy goal to accomplish since I'm tackling our office which is the most neglected as far as clutter goes. 

+ Continue to firm up our Disney travel plans! We'll need to book our reservations soon for dinners and character breakfasts. DH will also need to get a passport. Apparently the boys only need their birth certificates to cross the border by car. 

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