Thursday, November 28, 2013

Month 13: Debt Repayment Update

Feels nice to make it past the 1 year mark. This month we're down $587 which leaves:


A lot of awesome things happened finance-wise for us this month. 

I got another contract extension for work until my due date which takes off a huge burden - especially over the holidays. 

We finished paying off one of our loans entirely (woohoo!).

DH has been working a bit of overtime which is always nice.

We paid for almost 2/3rds of our Disney Trip!

We put a serious dent in our Christmas shopping. 

After posting our updated monthly budget, Martina asked about our $400 allocation for groceries so I decided to make an honest effort to track my grocery expenditures more closely over the past month. I will have a post on that later this coming week! 

Ideally I'd love to be sitting below $50K by January 1st to start the year off in the 40K's but I have my doubts that we'll be able to knock off nearly $1000 in December of all months with our vacation, Christmas, and some unpaid time off for DH over the holidays and a few days this week (he is going in for surgery again tomorrow). Maybe a Christmas miracle? 


Sarah said...

I'm obsessed with your dedication! We have this small pile of debt that we never touch because, well, it doesn't feel like much. Man do I ever need to take a page from your book where money is concerned!

Kristy said...

ha! I don't know about taking a page from my money book. We've made some silly decisions in the past but I guess really who hasn't? I hope you do wipe out that small pile of debt soon! It is so liberating to see the numbers go down in our debt column and to write "PAID OFF!" beside loans etc. At the same time, since we now have more equity in our home than we do debt, our net worth goes up by the same amount our debt goes down so it is really in a weird way like we're paying ourselves!

Amanda said...

That's awesome! I get excited when we drop down into the next thousands place on our debt :)

I hope surgery goes well!

Kristy said...

Thanks Amanda! Yes, I think it is one of the greatest feelings!