Monday, October 7, 2013

October Goals

September seemed to fly by. Here is how I did on my September Goals:

+ Finally get around to giving B's bedroom a facelift before school starts YES. There are still a few final touches I want to make but he now has a more personalized school aged kid bedroom. Expect a post on this soon. 

+ Rent carpet cleaner and clean the carpets in the house YES. $25 + tax at Home Depot for a 4 hour rental. Didn't get all the stains out (gotta love carpet with a dog and kids) but looks much much better. 

+ Give the house a deep clean (we've been away most weekends all summer so the cleaning hasn't been thorough). Sadly no... but I will get to this with my goals for October. 

+ Prep for academic conference I will be attending and presenting at later this month! YES! It went really well. I was on a "conference high" for the past week.  

+ Book that eye appointment I've been putting off. YES. Made an appointment for November. 

+ Get more sleep, exercise, and eat well. Somewhat. I have been food journaling (weekdays only) since the beginning of the summer. So I know I need to up my fruit and veggie intake, and my dairy alternatives. I've been doing a good job of making sure I get 8-9 hours of sleep too at night and getting a bit of exercise.  

+ Pay off $1000 on our debt. Made it about 3/4 of the way on this one but we did get a new car in September so might have made it to our goal otherwise. 

Goals for October are mostly focused around the home and family:

+ Organize and do a deep clean of the house. A carry over from last month but I'm looking forward to doing lots of purging. This will help me with my 2013 goal of making our house a home. We've been accumulating a lot of clutter. Especially paper clutter. Though it is not exactly house-related, I kicked off this month's organizing by going through and doing some cleaning of my Facebook friends list. Many of the people I had on there (approx. 1/3) were just acquaintances - many from grade school, high school, and university days and many of whom I share absolutely zero common interests with at this point in my life. Each person was a conscious keep or let go. My main question was... do I actually interact with this person on Facebook? If not, then we probably don't share many interests and aren't too good of friends. Bonus is that now my homepage is only cluttered with updates from family and friends I actually interact with/share some interests with.

+ Sort and organize the boys' baby books and photos. I've been meaning to do this for a long time. B keeps getting into his and N's baby mementos. I store them in the top of their closets but he'll find a way to get up there and get to them. I'd love for them to be accessible but I also don't want things to get ruined... dilemma

+ Finalize Christmas vacation plans. We've already done some tweaking to spread out our travel a little bit more on the way home and so we can also be back for New Year's Eve.

+ Get more sleep, exercise, and eat well. This month I'm going to try to do better on my fruit/veg and calcium intake. I'm also going to try to be more active. Speed cleaning sounds like a good start!

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