Sunday, October 27, 2013

My Regular Cleaning Routine

I'm always looking to simplify my regular cleaning routine. I don't love or even remotely enjoy cleaning but I do like a clean house and with our bad allergies, we can't get away with just a tidy and going long periods between surface cleans for dust, etc. About 6 months ago I came across this cleaning routine. All you need is a laundry basket, two bags or containers, and your cleaning supplies and you go room to room. I modified this slightly to suit my larger house and get most of the cleaning done at the same time rather than just wiping surfaces. I also bring my bathroom cleaning supplies and duster along. If I really work it, I can get though the laundry basket portion in about 1.5 hours and then the vacuuming/mopping will take me another 45mins-1hr.  I do this once/week and it is the simplest method I've found yet. Since I don't particularly enjoy cleaning. I like getting it all out of the way once/week on the weekends rather than spreading out chores over the week.

How do you clean?


Amanda said...

I agree - I'd much rather do a big clean on Saturday morning than spread it out. Unless I have an audiobook to finish, then I'm all over whatever cleaning needs to be done ;)

Kristy said...

Just rip it off like a bandaid :) I always feel so much better starting the week off with a clean house too. Sometimes DH will take the kids out to the park or for a bike ride and I get to clean in peace. Heavenly I tell you!