Thursday, October 17, 2013

Baby #3: First Trimester Recap

Phew! I am out of the first trimester. Big sigh of relief. My first trimester was both uneventful (for the most part) and different from my other pregnancies.

Given that it was my third pregnancy, I didn't have my first midwives appointment until 10 weeks which seemed like an eternity. I guess by now, they figure I would know the drill with taking prenatals and what I should be avoiding. At the 10 week appointment, my midwife said it would be too early to hear the heartbeat with the doppler so I had no idea whether there was even a baby in there (positive pregnancy test aside) until my dating ultrasound at almost 13 weeks. Having had two miscarriages, one before B and then another before N,  I was half expecting to receive bad news but the prospect of having a miscarriage didn't weigh on my mind like it did with the previous pregnancies. Maybe something about the fact that I have been fortunate enough and able to carry and deliver two healthy children. I just figured we'd try again if things didn't work out this time like we did with the others. Nevertheless, it was a huge relief at my 13 week scan when the technician confirmed there was indeed a baby in there and that everything looked really good! 

After experiencing only one week of nausea with B and then only feeling "off" a few times with N, I was surprised this time around to be hit with all day nausea from approx. 6.5 weeks-9.5 weeks. I never actually got sick but I felt terrible pretty much 100% of the time. During this time, I also spent a fortune eating out for lunch at work. Something would seem palatable to bring the evening before or in the morning when I was getting ready and then by lunchtime it would seem completely gross. Consequently I had to wait until lunch time to see what I thought I might be able to stomach at that time. I pretty much lived off of Tim Hortons chicken noodle soup and toasted dry bagel, Subway, and on a good day, the Pita Pit.  At home, I ate lots of bagels, bread/toast, and fried eggs. Needless to say, I have gained more weight this pregnancy than I did with my previous two. I am so happy this passed (and was only a few weeks)! Aside from the brief nausea and weight gain (fat not baby), I haven't actually felt too pregnant yet. 

At Thanksgiving, we shared our baby news with our families. One big difference I've noticed with this pregnancy is in peoples reactions to the news. First reactions have been more surprise than excitement.  Close friends and family knew that we were planning/thinking about having another so they weren't too surprised. After our first baby, people asked us when we were going to have another. When we got pregnant with N, there was resounding excitement from everyone - a sibling for B, how wonderful. 

Though I know most people are well meaning some of my "favourite" comments this time around, even from family have been:

"was it planned?" - as if no one in their right mind would plan three - must have been an accident

"so you decided to try for a girl" - a rationale to justify a third since we have the two boys and no one in their right mind would plan to have a third child, unless it was to try for the opposite gender

"that will be busy" 

I try to take it like a good sport and politely laugh it off. For the record, yes we planned to have a third baby. I came from a family of 3 kids, DH came from a family of 5 (his 3 oldest siblings are half siblings from a first marriage) - not exactly a stretch of the imagination that 3 kids might be a normal family size in our perspective. You bet my father-in-law (father of 5) sure didn't have any of the above "favourite" comments for us when we shared the news. No, we weren't trying for any gender in specific. We'll be (honestly) equally happy with whatever we get. And finally... yes, I'm sure we will be busy with 3 kids, but we enjoy keeping busy. 

We're so so excited for our new addition. 


Martina - GetReal Momma said...

Congrats again Kristy! I really didnt see a big difference going from 2 to 3 like i did from 1 to 2 or even none to 1.....I am very excited for you! maybe the nausia is a sign its a girl? haha I always compare mine and with the boys first trimester was the same,,,,with miss R, it was very different!

Here is hoping that whatever he/she is, that he/she is healthy and happy!!

Kristy said...

Thanks again Martina. I totally think none to 1 was the hugest transition 1-2 was not too big of a transition for us. Good to hear you haven't noticed a big difference with the 3rd.

Re: the gender, we'll see! I have absolutely no hunches.

Mo said...

So happy for you Kristy! And thanks for sharing those comments! It's always fun to hear what ridiculous things people say when it comes to pregnancies. It's like suddenly no one has a filter and feels no shame in asking very personal questions!

Hope you stay feeling great, being pregnant and taking care of other kids is hard enough, without feeling like you could puke at any minute!

Kristy said...

Thanks Mo. I know people are for the most part well meaning. Its a nice reminder for myself to think hard about casual comments I make too.