Monday, April 1, 2013

2013 Goals Check-In

There is nothing like putting your goals out there to put some pressure on to make yourself accountable. 
With the beginning of a new season, it seems fitting for a check-in with my 2013 Goals

- I will finally graduate from my Masters Program
WELL, I submitted my major paper yesterday to the Faculty which was a huge relief. If I've ever been close to crying with tears of joy, Thursday was it. I had an overwhelming amount of support from family and friends. I will have an oral "exam" at the end of this month and then likely attend the graduation ceremony this June. 

- I will find secure and meaningful employment
My contract was renewed (with a raise!) until the Fall. I'm still really hoping for the security of something permanent with paid vacation and sick days but for now, everything is pretty good in the work department. 

A few opportunities for jobs did present themselves over the last few of months, one I interviewed for but didn't end up getting. In retrospect, I wouldn't have exactly been the best fit for the position and might not have enjoyed it nearly as much as my current position. The others would involve travelling almost double the distance I currently travel (which is now 12km) for close to the same pay in a slightly less exciting and less upwardly mobile positions. I had intended on applying but forgot in one case and decided against applying in the other. I'm optimistic that something will come up closer to home in the next months or that I'll end up getting another contract extension. 

- I will continue to pay off debt (at least $15,000) this year while at the same time taking a family vacation in the Summer and buying a newer reliable vehicle

So far this year we've paid off $4913 in the last 3 months. Our tax return helped greatly with this so we're well above the $3750 we needed by this point to be on track to paying off $15,000. 

At this point, the week-long family vacation in the Summer just does not seem practical. Summer is DH's busy time at work and I might need to save my vacation pay for when my contract is up in August just in case. Nevertheless, we're planning a one night getaway to Great Wolf Lodge this Spring (just waiting for a weekend with cheaper prices) partially for the boys birthdays (April/May) and partially because I've been pretty absent at home over the past few months between my work, school, and my volunteer commitments. We're also planning on getting out to do some weekend camping too. 

I got a Prius in January. And I'm loving it! 

- I will make our house a home
For my birthday we hung a couple of picture frames on the wall. I'm hoping to print some more photos and get a couple more hung soon. Lately I've been inspired to do some Spring renovation projects. I love what Martina did with her exterior and what Sarah did more recently with her master bedroom

- I will make an effort to be healthy
This one I haven't actually made any progress on. Terrible, I know. I'm going to use the weather and school work as an excuse but 'tis the season with bathing suit time creeping up on us, BBQing, and nicer weather. No more excuses. 

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