Monday, April 8, 2013

Two is a pair.

With my paper under my belt, I've been spending a lot of time lately with these little monkeys. They are quite the pair. But their differences are also starting to show.

N takes on the little brother role pretty seriously - both idolizing his older brother and erring on the side of over dramatic at times to try to get his brother into trouble in order to get his way.  He is sneaky and stubborn too. He plays well on his own and will stay engaged in play for longer periods of time than B ever did. At almost 23 months, he's going through a huge naming phase right now. Bottles have been replaced by books. He loves reading. His favourite - Good Night Moon.  He will use the toilet if we put him on though we are nowhere near getting rid of the diapers yet!  

B is the quintessential big brother, always wanting to take care of his little brother. He just has to be the first one in to see him and help him out of his crib in the mornings and hates seeing N upset. At the same time, he's starting to play the older sibling card - sometimes trying to make sure that he gets more of something or gets to do something longer since he is older. Sometimes he snatches things away from N despite our constant reminders - "don't take from your brother". B is very social and is always looking for someone to play with. He adores being outside and jumping on the trampoline, riding his bike, rollerblading, or riding his scooter. His writing is becoming much more legible with school and his artistic abilities are coming along too. He has been wanting to draw and paint a lot lately. I can't believe he will be 5 at the end of this month. 


Martina - GetReal Momma said...

wow I can't believe he is going to be 5 either!!!
It's amazing how the typical older/younger sibling roles fall into place...I see it all the time in my boys....

And kristy your boys are just have good looking young men growing there

Kristy said...

Aw thanks Martina. Likewise!

They're really growing up way too fast. It feels weird to be mom to a "kid" rather than a toddler/baby!