Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hello Spring!

Thursday I turned in my major paper for my Masters and breathed a huge sigh of relief. With the exception of a final oral exam, I'm done. I actually can't believe I'm writing these words.

This weekend has been really special. After turning in my paper on Thursday, DH also had some good news. He got his tax return in the mail. We finally knocked off our first entire debt payment in "the Mission" which was our family loan and boy did it feel good. If Winter was all about getting back on track. We're there. I also got my first paycheque with my raise. This is an increase of about ($150) per pay. DH also had his first Saturday overtime shift of the year this weekend. In the finances department things are pretty great.

But I realize a lot of my recent blog posts have been focused on debt reduction and finances. That wasn't the only thing special about this weekend. We've spent a lot of time relaxing, reconnecting as a family, and resuming life in general. We didn't have any plans with extended family this weekend so it was just us and it was nice.

In my absence, DH did a good job of making sure we were all fed but we've been seriously missing quality home cooked meals. Thursday night I went to the grocery store and stocked up on groceries. I've been cooking up a storm all weekend and we've been feasting.

We've also been enjoying the nicer weather. Yesterday B and I washed all of the salt off my car while N napped in the afternoon. We washed it the old fashioned way with a pail of water and a couple cloths. B also learned how to ride his bike without training wheels this weekend. Took him 2 days and he is now zipping around. There is something to be said for readiness. We tried last summer since he was so good with his training wheels and he wasn't quite there yet so we let it go. I feel the same way about toilet training and alphabet writing. Pushing it before the child is developmentally can be more discouraging and challenging for both the parent and the child. This year he was more confident and determined than ever.

We put the trampoline back up in the backyard too.

And even got to starting a small outside project! - New house numbers (in progress) and a new doorbell ($25). Over the next couple of weeks once the weather gets a wee bit warmer we'll be painting the garage and front door.

Oh yeah.. and the bunny dropped by.

Happy Easter!

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