Thursday, March 1, 2012

Out of my highlights journal

After keeping a daily highlights journal now for three months, I have noticed some trends emerging which gives me good insight into what has been making me happy as of late. So, in no particular order:

1. Getting together and chatting with friends
2. Quality time over quantity time with family - yoga with N; skating/go-karting with B; date nights with R
3. Funny things B says
4. Giving and receiving random acts of kindness and engaging in conversations with strangers
5. Alone time and taking time to look and feel my best. I have found that when I take the time to take care of myself, even just showering and getting dressed in nice clothes, I feel better.
6. Savoury meals
7. Organization and productivity (not being rushed, finishing stuff ahead of time, getting more done than anticipated)
8. Sunshine
9. Saying yes to things I don't or wouldn't normally do (tobogganing, ladies night out)
10. Watching my boys develop new skills and seeing their relationship with each other grow

What things are making others happy these days?


Jo said...

Great idea. We have many favorite things in common!
Mine for the moment are:
Overcoming problematic relationship dynamics (with friends, spouse, etc.)
Making plans to do fun things
Making healthy food
Taking time to daydream

Kristy said...

Thanks for stopping by and sharing, Jo. I especially like your first and last items on your list. The first can relieve tremendous weight so I can definitely see why it is on your list. I have been making more of a concentrated effort to work on my own relationships lately. However, I think I need to make some more time for daydreaming!

kristi said...

your number 4 reminded me of this quote for some reason.

you know you have made it in life when you give someone something they can never repay you for.

random...i know. x

Kristy said...

I love that quote! Makes me think of a story my dad shared with me when I was growing up. For a period of time in my dad's life, he would go to a certain spot for breakfast in the city. One day a homeless man outside asked him for some change. Instead of giving him some change, he invited the man to join him for breakfast. This became a ritual and once/week he would join my dad for breakfast and they would chat. My dad said it was some of the best conversation he ever had. I guess sometimes repayment can take other forms. :)

Sarah said...

That story about your dad made me cry. That's such a beautiful and selfless thing to do.