Sunday, November 27, 2011

Winter Wardrobe on the Cheap

Recently I was very successful at the Value Village 50% off sale. I've learned from experience that in order to score big you need to be there at 7am and have at least 2 hrs. to peruse. I also strategically shop the women's section first since good items go more quickly there than in other areas. I tend to grab anything that looks decent in my size and then pare down when I get to the change rooms. The boys are good for clothes so the purpose of my trip was for DH and myself.

Being in construction, DH goes through clothing quickly. If you've been to stores like Marks Work Wearhouse, you know that durable clothing isn't cheap! I find mens clothing at VV, for the most part, is more gently used than womens. My best finds were a pair of like new industrial quality Gap pants and some thick fleece sweaters, essentials for the cold weather.  DH isn't picky when it comes to style or colour so is usually happy with anything I get him.

For myself, I usually find cheaper clothing doesn't always fit the same or hold up as well after a few washes. Consequently I tend to focus on label picking when thrifting for myself. This trip I got a couple Jacob items, Gap, Banana Republic, and Old Navy brands. Behold my winter finds!

I paid $30 for all of this which regularly would've been $60 but I could've easily paid that for one item retail.  Side note - I got a free membership to their club and as a benefit will be able to shop 50% off the day before the event next time. Well worth it if you ask me!

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