Saturday, November 19, 2011

Letting go..a little

Usually I feel the need to give B reminders such as "don't forget to stop before the next street" when he is outside. He always does. Yesterday I nearly had a heart attack when he unmounted his bike and ran toward the road. I shouted out, only to realize that he wasn't heading for the road at all but was interested in a leaf nearby on the boulevard.

On that chilly walk, I realized perhaps I am overdoing it just a touch with the constant safety/rules commentary and that I might be infringing on his innocent and exploratory nature which I want him to hang onto for a long time. Maybe I should scale back ever so slightly to offering comments only in the face of imminent danger. Someone with five grown children recently gave me some sound parenting advice - it was to save the "No" for when you really need to use it. Some days I feel like all I am saying is "No" or "Don't". I think I'll try to keep this advice in the back of my head and work harder at creating an environment where I do not have to focus on the negative. My baby isn't such a baby anymore. Might I add, he made us wait 5 minutes to cross a road until no cars were coming. We had plenty of opportunities to cross but he put it off just long enough until another car would appear.


Besides, I can find comfort in knowing we don't have to worry as much about others for awhile  :)

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