Tuesday, November 22, 2011

6 Months

So much has happened in 6 months. With the second child, time is just flying by. I remember with B anxiously awaiting new developmental milestones and constantly comparing his development with that of other babes his age. With N the milestones are coming and going far too fast. I don’t know whether it is the simultaneous achievements of both children that satisfies our parental desire to see our children reach new milestones quickly or whether just being so busy means we don’t have as much time to give it much thought. Either way, I find myself longing for the days when I could just nurse and cuddle my littlest. Lately he is so full of wonder. He rarely sits still and quite often squirms while I am feeding him taking several breaks when he hears noises or something catches his eye.

These days he is:
  • as always, enthralled with his big brother
  • a very picky eater. Aside from cereal, he will only tolerate carrots – and by this I mean so far they are the only veggies that don’t elicit an instant shudder.
  • a champion roller - no mobility issues here
  • loving the tummy time and is content to alternate between his tummy and back playing with toys in his playpen for 20 minute stretches (I didn’t use a playpen much with B but since my attention is far more divided these days, the playpen serves as a safeguard against doggy kisses, rough brotherly love, and age in-appropriate toys)
  • starting to enjoy riding around in the Ergo – not so much a couple months ago
  • grabbing at anything he can get his little hands on, faces included, and pulling it to his mouth for some gumming and a taste
Two peas in a pod.

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