Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Perfect Holiday

Christmas eve was spent wrapping gifts and enjoying champagne and Christmas music after Brendan was in bed.

Christmas morning in this house was spent enjoying a hot cup of coffee and watching the wee one open a ton of gifts and try out each and every one before opening the next.

(Very proud of my Value Village find - the xmas table cloth, also the tree from our own christmas tree farm and the beautiful flowers on the table from my awesome husband since I was having a less than great week the week before Christmas. Not so proud of our old dining room windows in the background that need replacing but at the very least need a curtain to cover up the awfulness)

Then we went on a Christmas morning walk

Made Lentil Soup

Made Super Charge Me Cookies - found here and they were AMAZING

And to top it all off we ate some greasy chinese food!
New Years was spent with Ryan's family at his sister's house playing good old fashioned pond hockey. Unfortunately the ice was a little soft on top so no skating could be done. This is the 3rd year she has had a New Years Day event and it is quickly turning into a tradition. Lots of fun was had indeed!

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