Thursday, July 23, 2009

And He's Up and Walking!

Finally... Brendan has been making fairly successful attempts at walking for the past week. He is almost 16 months old now. Ryan walked around 16 months and I walked around 13 months so he's bang on given his genes! His walking is resembling more of a run. He has learned if he goes slowly he is more likely to fall before reaching his goal. We keep on encouraging him. :). He has also made some attempts to use a spoon to eat his food.

The last two nights we have made some pretty healthy meals that Brendan has happily eaten. The first night I made some sticky rice (we found that this is the best rice for him to eat with his hands as it clumps when he grabs it) with black beans, peppers, and onion. I am going to add tofu to it next time, I think. He ate it up. Last night I made my own version of the maceroni and cheese from Deceptively Delicious by using brown rice pasta, 1/4 cup of pumpkin puree (very healthy!) instead of squash or cauliflower puree and adding the left over black beans from the night before. Brendan, Ryan and I all enjoyed it. The best part was it only took 15 minutes to make, including prep time and cleaning up after myself as I went. I like many of the recipes in this book and am always looking for ways to add nutritional content to foods that Brendan enjoys. I am delighted to report that he absolutely loves veggie pizza!


Surprised Suburban Wife said...

Hmm...I have that Deceptively Delicious book and am not creative enough of a cook to have thought of healthier options. I found her recipes to be too meaty and starchy, but will have to give your version of mac n cheese a la Jessica Seinfeld a try!

Urban Environmentalist said...

That recipe in particular needs about 1/2 the amount of cream cheese and a little less of the cheddar or it is wayyy too creamy and gross. I've heard of people using her recipe for chicken fingers for tofu...something I have been wanting to try myself.