Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sleeping Woes

The past few days have been a bit nightmarish. Brendan has had a consistent low-grade fever between 99.4 and 101. The first day, I woke up in the middle of the night to find him boiling hot. Me being the biggest worrier ever took him to the doctors of course on day 1 of fever. The doc checked for an ear infection among other things and thankfully he was fine. Day 3..fever still present and still no sign of anything remotely wrong with his immune system according to the doctor. Yes I went back. Therefore we have come to the conclusion all the fussiness, sadness, and clinginess must be because of his teeth (Please won't they poke through already). All week he was waking every 1 1/2-2 hours in the night to feed - come to think of it, this has been ongoing from about 3 months ago when for a couple weeks he was sleeping 6 solid hours. This was not good for my attempt to keep him in his crib all night and he ended up sleeping with us again due to me being utterly exhausted and him being so fussy that anytime I put him down he would protest, no matter how deep a sleep he was in.

(He really is about to cry in the picture on the left but I had to take a picture of this sleeper, it is just so darn cute.)

Last night I got home from my evening class to a miserable Ryan who was tired and couldn't get Brendan to calm down let alone go to bed. Finally, I nursed Brendan to sleep by 10:30pm and went to bed. I woke up at 4am to the sound of Ryan's alarm for work. I couldn't believe it. The first time B had slept 5 hours straight in a veeeeery long time. Could this be the start of something good? Have I finally reached the end of the worst period of sleeplessness in my life? Here's to hoping, right?

Some great news is that we spontaneously booked a trip tonight. For NEXT WEEKEND. Ryan is taking Friday off and we are going to Vancouver for the weekend. That's right, jetting across the country for a weekend. But we really do deserve a vacation. We're so excited for Brendan to experience the ocean and mountains and are hoping he does well on his first plane ride. The 7 hour trip by car to Temagami this summer wasn't so fun. And it looks like good ol' jet lag might take a toll on the maybe new sleep pattern we have developed.

Ahhh.. Things that make me happy besides spontaneous vacations. Yet another flower bloomed from my hibiscus :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Camera Happy. Pictures of our renos!

Every Monday, Brendan and I go to Salsa Babies where we spend an hour with other moms learning salsa dances with the babies strapped in front carriers. I absolutely love this time with him. I haven't been to the class in two weeks because of Thanksgiving and then car troubles last week. I honestly didn't realize how much Brendan had grown - my back was killing me by the end of the class. This week was also different because Brendan wouldn't stop making noises and smiling at all the little girls. He really is growing up!

Afterwards, we headed over to the house so I could take some new pictures as just about everyone I know has been bugging me to see the progress.

Note our new front door installed by Ryan and his dad. Also the beautiful white mailbox (formerly a tarnished brass one that I decided to paint over when painting the new doorstep)

Our living room/dining room complete with inherited 70's plaid matching sofa and chair, solid hardwood dresser I made Ryan carry down the street off of someone's curb - new dressers are expensive and I saved this one from the dump. Oh yes - and our brand new insulation, electrical wiring, plumbing, framing and drywall.

The future kitchen! It just so happens our fridge and stove (also inherited) match our 70's furniture.

This is one of my favourite features of this old house. The staircase and the banister. I can't wait to see them refinished.

Alright so there is a story behind the bathtub you see here. We were out shopping for supplies and I saw this tub on display in the store and begged Ryan for this 2 person, 6ft long tub. It didn't matter that we only had one very small bathroom on the second floor for our whole house which he reminded me of. I had to have this tub anyway. We ordered the tub and then got home and took some measurements and surprise surprise, the tub wouldn't fit into our tiny bathroom. And this is the story of how Brendan's room got a foot and a half smaller :)

Finally, another favourite part of this old house. The attic loft which we hope to make the master bedroom eventually. Isn't it lovely.

Monday, October 27, 2008

So I Skipped September..

September was an incredibly busy month for me. Yeesh. But I am going to try to post more. We've come a really long way with the renovations on our house and we should be moving in by the end of this month! YAY.

Other news. Brendan is getting HUGE. 6 months have gone by so fast. He's eating real people food now. Well pureed but it's still exciting, right?! So far he has loved everything (organic rice cereal and barley cereal, peas, squash, and carrots). I've been pretty good about making my own baby food but failing miserably on the cloth diaper front.

First taste of rice cereal
This weekend was particularly busy for us but good. Ryan arrived home from a week away hunting with his dad and brother-in-law (they were successful so we have a ton of sustainable organic meat coming our way).  I was really happy that he had a good time and he definately deserved and needed the break but with Brendan teething and all, he picked a hell of a time to leave me alone! I have oh so much more respect for the single parents out there!

We also bought a new Nikon Cool Pix camera recently. Both of us have had less than great digital cameras so we thought it was about time we invested in a good camera. Brendan is growing up so fast and we can't borrow other peoples cameras forever. This is good news for my blog which will now have far more (and better quality) pictures.

My beautiful hibiscus plant