Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Weekend

Friday was our first Halloween with Brendan and at our new house. I originally wanted to make Brendan a costume (specifically a pumpkin) but that never ended up happening as I've been so busy with everything else so I broke down and got him a costume. I couldn't believe that the only reasonably priced baby costumes were Winnie the Pooh characters. So Brendan was a "Tigger" for Halloween.

We thought it would be cute to sit him in the candy bowl.. he loved it.

He really can't wait for next year when he can maybe actually eat some candy and go out trick-or-treating

Saturday we spent all day drywalling what will be Brendan's room.

Sunday we went downtown to MEC to get some gear for our upcoming trip. Afterwards I talked Ryan into walking to my favourite vegetarian restaurant Fresh only to find out when we got there that we could've gone to the one that was only 1km away from where we parked, not 5! Anyway, we both enjoyed our meals. I had the green goddess bowl with sweet potato fries and a wheatgrass shake and Ryan had the spicy black bean wrap, fries and a Steam Whistle. mmmmmm. Brendan also thoroughly enjoyed the restaurant and let everyone know by letting out high pitched squeals the whole time and trying to grab everything in sight.

A side note.. I bought a pair of Lululemon pants while we were downtown and it is true, they are so so comfortable and figure flattering.

(It also didn't occur to me that mention of Jake has been lacking from the blog. Here is the wonderdog! Small but mighty.)

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