Thursday, November 13, 2008

Back with the flu!

Well we're back from our trip out west. Despite the non-stop rain we had a great time and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. Brendan slept the entire 4 hour plane ride there and then let us have a fabulous late night meal at the Subeez Cafe downtown. I thought we'd look like crazy folk out with our baby at almost 10pm in a noisy restaurant. However, there was another couple there with their baby who looked scarily similar to Brendan so I guess we aren't that bad after all. So thank god for evening flights. We did a fair amount of hiking and we splurged and took the sky ride up Grouse Mountain. Brendan loved being outdoors and the weather didn't even phase him.

They had orphan bears on top of the mountain. Ryan got incredibly camera happy so we have about 50 pictures of these bears. The keeper was there at the same time as us so we got to chat with her about them and I got to throw them some apples, sweet potatoes and carrots.

Lil'B enjoying his brand new Maclaren stroller.

One of the only family shots we got on the whole vacation.

This is what happens when you leave baby unattended with daddy's wallet (he decides VISA would make a wonderful teether). I can't believe we thought this was cute - holy germs!.

Baby's first plane ride.. well technically second since it was taken on the way home but still. Nursing on the way up and down was a saviour.

Some gorgeous shots of the rockies taken from out plane window... they really are amazing

Today Brendan goes for his 6 month shots. Hopefully we don't have another episode of screaming uncalmable baby on our hands this afternoon. It just breaks my heart to see him so upset and not be able to tell him that it is for the best. As for me, I seem to have gotten the flu somewhere along the way. Hopefully a healthy dose of fenugreek tea will get me back to normal ASAP. For now I am going to try to rest rest rest.

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