Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Monthly posts seem to be about all I can handle right now.

We stopped breastfeeding. For the past few months, it was mostly just nursing at night. One night I decided I wouldn't go in and wake Noah. There was no transition. He wasn't fussy or upset. Nor has he given any indication he has wanted to nurse since. It is hard for me to believe that I'm officially done nursing for good. I'm so thankful I was able to nurse all three of my little guys with minimal difficulty and surprisingly no weaning transition issues with any. It feels weird but nice to have my body back to myself after nearly 5 years out of the last 7 and a half of either being pregnant or breastfeeding. Now a big focus for me is getting to a point where I feel healthy and strong again. Not only physically but emotionally too. Hormones can do crazy things and I'm only now feeling like I may be getting back to normal - whatever that is.

In July, Noah began to really talk. He says: love you, mama, dada, baba (bottle), nana (banana), dog, bye, hi, hot, more,  bus, and thank you. Oh.. and bum bum - one of the choice words his biggest brother has taught him which elicits all sorts of laughter to which he responds by, of course, saying bum bum again.

R went in for surgery and ended up having another follow up surgery later in the month. My sister in law offered to take B for a week at her place up north to help out. At 7, it was his first time away from us for more than a couple of days and he had so much fun with his two teenaged cousins that he didn't want to come home at the end of it all. Sleepover camp may be on the horizon for next summer for him. He thrives when he is kept busy and able to spend his days outside. The house was so quiet with just the two little boys and a recovering husband.

The big boys are enjoying spending most of their weekdays playing outside with neighbourhood friends and the weekends up at the lake with family, friends, and our trailer neighbours who have quickly become like a second family to us. I went waterskiing for the first time in nearly a decade and got up on my first try. I definitely surprised myself and the boys. I also got the itch and have been out waterskiing and trying to learn how to wakeboard every weekend since. It is so fun! More than ever I've been looking forward to our weekends on the lake.

Love these shots my sister-in-law took of B during his week away


Amanda said...

I guess weaning Noah means you're sleeping through the night (for the most part)? I'm such a grump when I'm sleep deprived so I'm a bit nervous about how long it will take for me to sleep all night again after the baby's here.

I hope R's surgery went well and he had an easy recovery!

Kristy said...

Yes! I'm actually a fully functioning human again :) I got lucky with Noah. He slept fairly well from really early on compared to his brothers. For the last few months I was waking him up just before I went to bed to nurse and he'd sleep right through until morning. Sleep deprivation is tough. Sara at Feeding the Soil has some really good tips. We tried a lot of the same things!