Sunday, June 28, 2015


A little late but...

June was:

Enjoying great weather at the trailer. My favourite Friday night lately is dining al fresco, going for a boat ride, followed by tucking the boys into bed and relaxing in front of a campfire with a glass of wine.

Fishing, boating, tubing, biking.

Saying final goodbyes to a loved one as we buried my grandfather who passed away in January. Watching the boys try to process and understand.

Participating in a walk for Alzheimers in support of my mother-in-law.

Visiting Niagara Falls and watching the boys marvel at the sight.

Going for a sail on a friend's sailboat.

Cheering our sweetest four year old on as he plays soccer for the first time.

Finishing off Grade 1 with good marks and an achievement award for effort!

Celebrating one year of being at my new job and working on achieving another milestone toward getting my professional certification.

Trying to manage stress the best I can.


Amanda said...

So many fun experiences! That last picture looks straight out of a magazine!

I'm sorry for the loss of your grandfather and sending strength for you and your mother-in-law. My grandmother has Alzheimer's - it's the worst. It's so hard to visit because everything we do confuses her.

Kristy said...

I can't believe how much fun we've been having this summer! Sailing was definitely a highlight for them. They told us they liked it better than visiting Niagara Falls!

Thanks so much for your condolences. I feel pretty lucky to have had my grandfather for so long and that he got to meet all the boys. Sorry to hear about your grandmother. My MIL has a rare case of Alzheimers where her speech was the first to go. It has been hard and we don't live very close so don't get to visit her often.