Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Working Mom Again

I almost can't believe I'm even writing this post. One of my goals for 2013 AND 2014 was to find meaningful and secure employment. Now I can finally check that off my list. My new position is 15 minutes from home, exactly the same distance away as my old job, and is a permanent position with pension, benefits, paid vacation, etc. 

My new job will be about 50% of the same work I was doing before, only in a different setting, and 50% work I don't have much, or in some cases any, experience with but am eager to learn. I am especially excited for the learning opportunity. The pay will be less than what I was making at my old job initially but there is lots of opportunity for growth in salary and within the organization. I'm also looking forward to staying a while somewhere and putting down roots. In the past I've never made my office or desk "my own" so it is something I'm looking forward to. 

Me landing a permanent job is a huge deal for our family and brings much much more financial security. I would normally say I'm very lucky or blessed but one of my best friends who also happened to be waiting to hear back on a job opportunity said to me - "you deserve a full-time permanent position"- and I do. Ever since I was a student in my undergraduate program, I'd say for the better part of 8 years (when I really got serious), I haven't stopped working hard toward securing a full-time position in my field. 

I know I will be sad leaving Noah at the end of the month so the timing doesn't feel ideal but at the same time, the timing in many ways couldn't be more perfect since we're done having our family and I'm ready to hit the ground running with my career. 


Stephanie Hayes said...

Congratulations! That's fantastic news. In many ways I think it's so brave for Mamas to go back to work. Sometimes staying at home feels a lot easier to me than going back to work and I know when I was working I felt the opposite. That position sounds fantastic and I am super jealous of your job security. Whoohoo!

Kelsey said...

Congratulations!!! It's hard to leave your baby but this sounds like a wonderful opportunity and how great that your commute is so short. If you have questions about pumping at work please email. I have been meaning to put together a post on pumping at work but I'm not sure when I'll get it up.

Amanda said...

Yay! Awesome news and you DO deserve it! :)

Kristy said...

Thanks so much ladies! Steph - Staying at home to me feels much more difficult than working although this will be the first time I've left such a young baby for 5 days/week so we'll see! Funny how everyone's perspectives are different. Kelsey - I may be e-mailing you!! I'd be very interested in seeing a pumping at work post whenever you get it up.